Smart Energy

Energy data

Today there is a lot of attention for energy and / or sustainability issues. Due to the increasing awareness that our energy consumption is accompanied by irreversibly high CO2 emissions, we as a society are looking for clean alternatives.

Thingsdata specializes in sensor technology and collecting energy data. We help make your organization more sustainable by revealing effective measures. We also provide the correct burden of proof with which your organization meets the legal obligations regarding energy savings. The hardware and software we supply ties energy data from different devices together for clear insights and control.

Through smart energy monitoring, the right connectivity solution and connecting devices, we help your organization save time, money and energy through this collaboration.

Applications in the field of Smart Energy
Thingsdata - Smart Energy - IoT gateway

IoT gateway

With an IoT gateway and an energy monitoring system, you can easily measure the energy flows of a building or home and gain insight quickly through the cloud platform. In addition, connected installations, equipment and sensors are smartly controlled for energy savings and an optimal energy balance.

Thingsdata - Smart Energy - sensortechnolgie


You can measure almost anything with sensors! They come in all shapes and sizes. And new types of sensors are added every day for very specific applications. Sensors, which are widely used in smart energy: temperature, motion, CO2, air humidity and light sensors. We can advise you which type of sensors suits your wishes and requirements.
Thingsdata - Smart Energy - IoT portal

IoT portal

Thingsdata provides a secure energy monitoring portal with extensive analysis options. This allows you to analyze the energy consumption per building, home or shop. In addition, you can identify potential savings and monitor energy performance. All the tools to be proactive about sustainability!

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Why Smart Energy?


Collect valuable energy data from solar panels, gas meters, heat meters and electricity meters.

Lower energy costs

Measuring = knowing, and then responding smartly. This saves a lot on the energy bill.

Efficient management

IoT applications can prevent disruptions that now occur at an early stage


A building, home or shop that scores well on sustainability and has insight into the energy flows is attractive in the market.

Do you want to realize your Smart Energy concept in combination with IoT?

Let’s discuss the role of the Internet of Things with regard to smart energy.