Smart Building

Integration IoT

A smart building is a building of the future. However, the building of the future can already be realized!

Due to the many smart installations, equipment and sensors. Faults that now occur can be prevented at an early stage. As a result, employees and visitors are less affected by the required maintenance and there is less loss of productivity due to failure of systems and maintenance.

Based on the collected data, decisions can be made and connected installations, equipment and sensors can be controlled smartly.

Example applications of Smart Building
Thingsdata - Smart Building - remote beheer

Remote management

Our 4G router solutions ensures that you have fast and safe internet access anytime, anywhere. We can link installations remotely. Remote management is used for both support in troubleshooting and performing management tasks of installations.


You can measure almost anything with sensors! They come in all shapes and sizes. And new types of sensors are added every day for very specific applications. Sensors, which are widely used in smart building: temperature, motion, CO2, air humidity and light sensors. We can advise you which type of sensors suits your wishes and requirements.
Thingsdata - Smart Energy - IoT portal

IoT portal

Thingsdata provides various IoT portals for the wireless management of devices and sensors in a smart building. The objective is to monitor and manage all connected IoT applications in a building in one IoT platform. See in a moment what the status is with all devices in a building for complete control.

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Why Smart Building?

Better living environment

Optimal coordination of the climate system, by using temperature, humidity, CO2 and fine dust sensors

Lower energy costs

Measuring = knowing, and then responding smartly. This saves a lot on the energy bill.

Efficient maintenance

IoT applications can prevent malfunctions that now occur at an early stage


A building that scores well on sustainability and has few comfort complaints is more attractive in the market.

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