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Secured IoT

With the IoT solutions from Thingsdata you collect and send your data from installations, equipment and sensors to the cloud. Wonderful possibilities arise, but you want your data to be securely terminated towards the cloud.

We help you to use IoT safely. We provide text and explanation about the differences between applications and what guidelines there are from the practice with which you protect your IoT.

The IoT offers opportunities that were not there before. But also security issues that did not exist before. Many organizations are often unaware of the possible vulnerabilities. The IoT is therefore not always optimally secured. Thingsdata offers various IoT security applications.

Managed Security applications

Private APN

APN means Access Point Name and is an access point for a ‘device’ that seeks to connect to the network (internet).

When you ensure that a ‘device’ connects to a Private APN, you ensure that the ‘device’ logs on to its own secure access point.

The data traffic of the IoT connectivity that uses a Private APN is separated from data traffic of other users of the mobile network. This guarantees a high degree of safety and availability.


IP-SEC (Internet Protocol Security) is a standard for securing the internet protocol by means of encryption and / or authentication on all data traffic.

Using an IP-SEC VPN, all data traffic from the IoT connectivity is encrypted and forwarded to the cloud. For example, the cloud can be accessed securely via the internet by the ‘devices’.

The ‘devices’ are connected to the mobile radio network via a Private APN. The data traffic is then delivered via an IP-SEC VPN connection over the internet to your own cloud environment.


Whitelisten is, in short, adding an IP address or FQDN (full qualified domain name) to an APN access list which are marked as “secure” and that the ‘device’ including IoT connectivity can and can connect.

Whitelisting makes IoT security easy, all you need to do is approve IP addresses or FQDNs and add them to an APN access list.

Your ‘device’ can and can only function with the entered IP addresses and FQDNs, everything outside the APN access list is blocked.

What concerns are there about IoT security?


The safe configuration of ‘devices’

IoT connectivity

Secure connectivity between devices and the cloud

Data storage

Securing data in the cloud during storage


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