Managed IoT gateway

No worries about the IoT connectivity and gateway

Thingsdata offers gateways (modems, routers and gateways) fully managed. This means that we configure the gateways and keep them up to date so that you can connect without any worries.

Because our managed gateways (modems, routers and gateways) are in the ‘field’ with customers, we can also monitor end-to-end IoT connectivity. We do through IoT connectivity monitoring tools, where we measure your data usage. With this we also proactively monitor the quality of the connection.

Our service does not stop at managing the gateway. If a gateway is unexpectedly defective, you will receive a replacement from Thingsdata. We also make backups of your configuration, we make changes to it on request and you can use our support department.

Managed IoT gateway applications
Thingsdata - Smart Building - remote beheer

4G router

Our 4G router solutions ensure that you always have access to fast and safe internet, wherever you are. The 4G router is ideal for use in combination with: machines, control cabinets, building management systems.

A mobile internet solution consists of a combination of a 4G router, a secured multi-network 4G M2M simcard and a 4G antenna for better reception.

Thingsdata - Smart Energy - IoT gateway

IoT gateway

An IoT gateway is an industrial router that is often used, for example, for ATMs, camera surveillance, remote management, smart energy & smart building applications.

An IoT gateway is easy to install and can be widely used thanks to the various hardware interfaces (RS232, RS485, Mbus, Modbus, WiFi). We have the exact configuration for every IoT application.

Thingsdata - Managed IoT gateway - LoRa gateway

LoRa gateway

Within a LoRaWAN network, a LoRa gateway acts as a bridge between the LoRa devices and the network server of a network operator.

The communication between the devices and a gateway takes place over LoRa, while the communication between a gateway and the network server takes place through the internet. Thingsdata can provide you with a state of the art LoRa gateway.

What are the benefits of a managed IoT gateway?


A pre-configured IoT gateway on delivery

Monitoring 24x7

Constantly monitoring your IoT infrastructure


Automatic updates, which we carry out for you remotely

Management Thingsdata

An integrated approach to management and maintenance

Get the best of the market with Thingsdata!

We are ready to advise you on the different gateway options!

Safe gateway implementations with Thingsdata

Reliable security methods

Benefit from a wide range of IoT security solutions

Cloud security service

Protect gateways and provide end-to-end IoT security

Reduce risks and enable recovery

Services with flexibility for your specific risk profile and implementation scenarios

Protection of data

Monitor everything connected to your gateway through our security structure