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NB-IOT, an innovative technology that makes IOT possible!

Thingsdata helps to realize van NB-IOT solutions both nationally als internationally.


NB-IOT makes it possible to remotely connect machines, devices and people through mobile data simcards.


With an NB-IOT solution you can make business processes and services more efficient, save costs and create new business models.


NB-IOT can be used in smart building, smart energy and smart city projects. It has better coverage (underground and deeper in buildings)


Thingsdata offers various NB-IOT solutions in combination with flexible contracts. Together we will find the most suitable solution for your organization!

The multi-bearer simcard: a single simcard that works on 2G, LTE-M and NB-IoT.


NB-IOT is a low power IOT network specially developed to exchange small amounts of information

Energy efficient

NB-IOT can send data quickly in an energy efficient way (battery life 10 years)


Networks available in various EU countries


Get the best out of NB-IOT with our custom solutions
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Low data usage

We offer solutions for very low (<5 MB) data usage


Secure your NB-IOT solution with an IP-SEC VPN and APN with fixed IP addresses

Low hardware costs

The technology and hardware have a relatively low cost, the NB-IOT chips are less expensive to make.

Get the best on the market with Thingsdata!

We are ready to advise you on the different NB-IOT options!


Receive the most suitable NB-IOT simcards


1-5 simcards

Receive the most suitable test simcards from one of our suppliers.

Data volume

The appropriate amount of data pro NB-IOT simcard pro month (test duration: 1 month)


Ability to receive / send SMS messages within the test

To work

Get started in real time! Test your NB-IOT solution together with Thingsdata.

Management Platform

Access to an NB-IOT management platform. Manage all your simcards in one platform.

Support Team

Our support team is always there for you. Receive customized help!


What is NB-IOT?

Narrowband IoT, also known as LTE Cat NB1, is an LPWAN technology that is on the rise. It connects devices more easily and more efficiently on the already established 4G (LTE) mobile network. NB-IoT is designed to receive and send small amounts of data and is completely secure and reliable. NB-IoT uses a specific frequency that is strong enough to pass through thick walls and can even be used underground. As a result, it offers coverage in challenging situations.

How exactly does it work?

With NB-IOT communication, data is accessed from a ‘device’. A secure NB-IOT simcard is placed in a ‘device’. The APN provided by us must be configured in the settings of the ‘device’. The intelligent NB-IOT simcard then has access to the NB-IOT network. The ‘device’ can then establish a successful connection and is assigned an IP address.

What are the benefits of NB-IOT?

NB-IoT is designed to keep the costs pro ‘device’ as low as possible. It is expected that the costs will be lower in the future than with other connectivity options. Due to a small memory and the use of only one antenna, NB-IoT is cheaper than, for example, M2M. There is no need for full duplex operation. Duplex operation means that information is received and sent simultaneously.

NB-IOT examples?

Practical examples of customers who implement NB-IOT simcards from Thingsdata for: remote reading of groundwater or surface water level by means of innovative sensors, unlocking valuable data with sensors placed in homes and collecting measurement data from inverters that are connected to solar systems.