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M2M simcards and subscriptions required?

Thingsdata helps to realize machine to machine solutions both nationally as internationally.


Machine to machine (M2M) makes it possible to remotely connect installations, equipment and sensors via multi-network M2M simcards (2/3/4G).


With an M2M solution you can make business processes and services more efficient, save costs and create new business models.


M2M can be used in for example smart meters, security systems, access systems, fleet management systems, smart cities and asset tracking applications.


Thingsdata biedt verschillende M2M-oplossingen in combinatie met flexibele contracten aan. Samen zoeken wij de meest geschikte oplossing voor uw organisatie!

Thingsdata, the independent M2M specialist with flexible contracts

2/3/4 G

Choice out of different providers with different communication and rate plans

Multi network

Always coverage nationally and internationally with our multi network solutions

Roaming SIM

The strongest network in NL, EU or other continents.


Get the best out of the market with our custom solutions
Thingsdata - M2M

Low & high usage

We offer solutions for both low (<100 MB) and high (> 100 MB) data usage


Secure your M2M solution with an IP-SEC VPN and APN with fixed IP addresses

Location Based Services

Obtain insights into the location of the M2M simcards

Get the best on the market with Thingsdata!

We are ready to advise you on the various M2M options!


Receive the most suitable M2M simcards


1-5 simcards

Receive the most suitable test simcards from one of our suppliers.

Data volume

The appropriate amount of data pro M2M simcard pro month (test duration: 1 month)


Ability to receive / send SMS messages within the test

To work

Get started in real time! Test the solution together with Thingsdata.

Management Platform

Access to a management platform. Monitor and Manage all your simcards in one platform.

Support Team

Our support team is always there for you. Receive customized help!

A selection from our reliable suppliers

We work very intensively with different providers


What is M2M?

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication enables remote monitoring and management of installations, equipment, and sensors. In order to communicate, these ‘devices’ are provided with an M2M simcard. The data is then read through 4/3/2 G and routed to the cloud. With M2M simcards you can make business processes and services more efficient, save costs and create new business models.

How exactly does it work?

With M2M communication, data is accessed from a ‘device’. A secure M2M simcard is placed in a ‘device’. The APN provided by us must be configured in the settings of the ‘device’. The intelligent M2M simcard then has access to the 4/3/2 G radio network of multiple networks. The ‘device’ can then establish a successful connection and is assigned an IP address.

What can I do with an M2M simcard management system?

A sim management system is a web-based environment in which all M2M simcards are clearly arranged together. M2M applications often involve monitoring and managing a few dozen to thousands of M2M simcards. Specific management platforms have been designed for this, which offer our customers the possibility to apply stock management, real-time insight and lifecycle management.

M2M Examples

Practical examples of customers who implement M2M simcards from Thingsdata for: remote reading of drinking water facilities worldwide, unlocking valuable data from energy monitoring systems in the Benelux, a 4G backup so that shops of retail organizations can continue in the event of a fixed internet connection failure, guaranteeing internet access for payments through vending machines.