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LTE-M, the newest way to connect for IoT equipment!

Thingsdata helps with the realization of CAT LTE-M solutions.

Long Term Evolution (CAT LTE M)

CAT LTE-M (4G technology) makes it possible to remotely connect machines, devices and people via mobile data simcards (successor 2G).


With a CAT LTE-M solution, you can make business processes and services more efficient, save costs and create new business models.


CAT LTE-M can be used in many applications, for example in smart cars, building automation, sensor technology, track & trace, pin equipment, wearables.


Thingsdata offers various CAT LTE-M solutions in combination with flexible contracts. Together we will find the most suitable solution for your organization!

Data can be sent quickly through CAT LTE-M in an energy efficient manner (successor 2G)


Choose from different providers with different communication and rate plans

Energy efficient

CAT LTE-M can send data quickly in an energy efficient way (battery life <5 years)


Multiple networks already available abroad


Get the best out of CAT LTE-M with our custom solutions
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Low data usage

We offer solutions for different data volumes


Secure your CAT LTE-M solution with an IP-SEC VPN and APN with fixed IP addresses

Low hardware costs

The technology and hardware have relatively low costs

Get the best on the market with Thingsdata!

We are ready to advise you on the different LTE-M options!


Receive the most suitable LTE-M simcards


1-5 simcards

Receive the most suitable test simcards from one of our suppliers.

Data volume

The appropriate amount of data pro LTE-M simcard pro month (test duration: 1 month)


Ability to receive / send SMS messages within the test

To work

Get started in real time! Test your LTE-M solution together with Thingsdata.

Management Platform

Access to an LTE-M management platform. Manage all your simcards in one platform.

Support Team

Our support team is always there for you. Receive customized help!


What is LTE M?

The ‘LTE M’ network has been specially developed for Internet of Things applications and is based on the reliable and secure 4G networks of the providers. The coverage of LTE M is stronger than a 2G network and has the advantage of a deeper penetration rate, so that the coverage in mainly buildings is many times better. LTE M enables fast data transmission in an energy-efficient manner and is suitable for various applications that now work with 2G.

How exactly does it work?

With LTE M communication, data is accessed from a ‘device’. A secured LTE M SIM card is placed in a ‘device’. The APN provided by us must be configured in the settings of the ‘device’. The intelligent LTE M SIM card then has access to the LTE M network. The ‘device’ can then establish a successful connection and is assigned an IP address.

What are the benefits of LTE M?

First, LTE M is based on the global 3GPP standard of the GSMA, which offers possibilities for roaming abroad. The available cellular modules for LTE M are also relatively inexpensive, because of half duplex and a narrower bandwidth. The devices connected to LTE-M can also go into a so-called ‘deep sleep’ mode or only wake up periodically while connected, this ensures a longer lifespan of devices that depend on a battery.

LTE M examples

Practical examples of customers who implement LTE M SIM cards from Thingsdata for: remote reading of temperature, humidity, light intensity and CO2 values ​​by means of innovative sensors in greenhouse complexes in the agricultural sector, unlocking valuable data of the indoor climate with sensors that have been placed in offices and schools and collect measurement data from inverters that are connected to solar systems.