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LoRa, an energy efficient form of IOT connectivity!

Thingsdata helps to realize LoRa solutions


LoRa makes it possible to remotely connect machines and devices via the LoRa network.


With a LoRa solution you can make business processes and services more efficient, save costs and create new business models.


LoRa can be used in for example waste management, the agricultural sector, traffic and public space!


Thingsdata offers various LoRa solutions in combination with flexible contracts. Together we will find the most suitable solution for your organization!

LoRa is a solution specially developed to exchange small amounts of information


Choose between a public LoRa network or a private LoRa network

Energy efficient

LoRa can send data quickly in an energy efficient manner (battery duration <5 years)


Available internationally through a private LoRa network

LoRa solutions

Get the best out of LoRa with our custom solutions
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LoRa bundles (amount of messages)

We offer various data bundle solutions plus optional geolocation


The data sent and received by the sensors is encrypted

Low costs

The data bundles and hardware costs are relatively low

Get the best on the market with Thingsdata!

We are ready to advise you on the different LoRa options!


Receive the most suitable LoRa sensors


1 or 2 sensors

Receive the most suitable test sensors from one of our suppliers.

Amount of messages

The appropriate amount of messages pro sensor pro month (test duration: 1 month)


Via LoRa heeft u ook de optie van geolocatie, een vorm van track en trace;

Through LoRa you also have the option of geolocation, a form of track and trace

To work

Get started in real time! Test your LoRa solution together with Thingsdata.

Management Platform

Access to a management platform. Manage all your sensors in one platform

Support Team

Our support team is always there for you. Receive customized help!

Our LoRa partners

We constantly spar with LoRA specialists who are part of our projects


What is LoRa?

LoRaWAN stands for Low Range Wide Area Network. The network consists of transmitters (which together form the network) and sensors (which send their measurement data through the network). A characteristic feature of a LoRa network is a lot of range (ten to fifteen kilometers per transmitter), but little bandwidth (a few kilobytes per second). KPN’s LoRa network is a new network for IoT solutions and an addition to the existing 2G, 3G and 4G networks. The network removes important barriers in terms of consumption and energy for connecting countless devices to the internet.

How exactly does it work?

LoRa sensors themselves do not need an internet connection (so no simcard is required), but communicate under their own power with KPN’s LoRa network. Moreover, they are very energy-efficient (a battery or solar cell is sufficient for years of use), can be quickly registered on the network and are affordable to purchase. Another advantage is that LoRa devices use a free frequency.

Why LoRa?

Lora is cost efficient, the low complexity of a LoRa module reduces costs to a minimum. One module is also very energy efficient and can even transmit data for 5 years on just 2 batteries. The KPN LoRa network can determine the position of the device with an accuracy of 50 to 150 meters.

LoRa examples

Practical examples of customers implementing LoRa from Thingsdata for: tracking and tracing glass racks, tracking and tracing containers, monitoring parking spaces whether they are free or occupied, extract data from indoor climate sensors and monitoring the availability of workplaces.