Thingsdata helps to select the most suitable IoT products



IoT data processing
Capture so far unused data in a portal and analyze it to improve. You can easily analyze, visualize and even integrate large amounts of operational data with existing systems. With the advantage of determining which data is relevant to your organization. You can achieve this with a ordered IoT portal.

Thingsdata guides you in selecting the most suitable IoT portal for data collection, storage, reporting and analysis.

External monitoring

Connect ‘devices’ to improve by automating processes

Predictive maintenance

Anticipate and prevent unplanned downtime by connecting and monitoring devices

A connected organization

Connect devices and gain insights through IoT data to boost productivity.

IoT connectivity

M2M, LTE M, NB-IOT en LoRa
With our portfolio of IoT connectivity networks, Thingsdata offers the right mobile data solution for every application. There is a intensive cooperation with a partner ecosystem, with the best roaming contracts nationally and internationally.

IoT connectivity, ensures that your installations, devices and sensors communicate through your own mobile internet access. We have M2M, LTE-M, NB-IOT and LoRa technologies standard in our portfolio.


Use the best available network!


Security with an IP-SEC VPN structure and fixed IP addresses

Cost saving

Low rates, both in & out the bundle rates


Routers, gateways and sensors
Hardware is the source of information, it is provided with intelligence with which it can collect different types of information. Innovative hardware is not only capable of detecting and measuring, but can often also act if they are equipped with components that can be controlled remotely. It also has a cellular module, which ensures that there is always a connection to the cloud.

Thingsdata guides you in selecting the most suitable hardware!

Routers, gateways and sensors

Thingsdata provides all kinds of innovative hardware solutions


The right components for remote control of your ‘devices’.

Cellular modules

Securely connect installations, equipment and sensors to the cloud

Our partners

We work very intensively with the most progressive partners