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of Things

Internet of Things, discover what it is with us. Thingsdata is an independent IOT system integrator helping organisations of all sizes in realising their IoT challenges. Partnering with us will enable you to futureproof your company by implementing innovative IoT technology. Discover IoT opportunities with Thingsdata! About Thingsdata Get in Touch IoT eliot transport logistiek asset tracking GPS LBS connectiviteit LoRa M2M

Why Internet of Things?

Through smart utilization, useful information can be exchanged between installations, equipment, sensors and the cloud. Many organizations are currently discovering the benefits that arise and how extensive the added value is when ‘devices’ are made accessible via IoT connectivity networks (M2M, LTE M, NB-IOT, LoRa).

Thingsdata supports you in choosing the most suitable hardware, chooses the best IoT connectivity (IoT simcards), offers security options and provides valuable insights into the collected information. Thingsdata helps your organization with its Internet of Things strategy from concept to realization.

Improve business processes

Increase the customer experience

Create new business models

Save on operational costs

The building blocks of the Internet of Things

Data processing

Capture unused data to date in an IoT portal and analyze it to improve business results.


With our range of providers and networks, we offer the best mobile data solution for every solution. (M2M, LTE M, NB-IOT, LoRa)


By using innovative hardware (routers, gateways or sensors) you enrich your business process. Thingsdata is happy to advise you.


Thingsdata inventories and translates your IoT needs into a concrete phased plan. From quick scan to comprehensive advice.

Managed services

Thingsdata offers an extensive portfolio of ‘managed’ services from installation, configuration, monitoring, maintenance and support.


Customized support! With a permanent staff and a high level of knowledge, we are happy to help you (24×7).
Our IoT products

Managed gateway

With an IoT gateway + energy monitoring system you can easily measure energy flows.
Thingsdata - Smart Energy - IoT gateway

Managed tablet

Safe management of your tablets with an IoT simcard, which complies with your IT policy.
Thingsdata - IOT managed tablet

Managed simcard

The multi-bearer SIM card: a single SIM that works on 2G, LTE-M and NB-IoT.
Thingsdata - IOT managed simkaart

4G router

Highly reliable 4G routers from Teltonika for professional applications
Thingsdata - Smart Building - remote beheer

4G M2M simcards

4G secured multi-network M2M simcards that always roam on the strongest network.
Thingsdata - IOT managed simkaart

4G/3G/2G data bundles

Pooled bundles, the data can be used by all M2M simcards.

FAQ Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things is a collective name for all technology that links the physical and virtual worlds. As a result, the world is becoming increasingly digital. Installations, equipment and sensors, almost all ‘devices’ can be connected to the internet. As soon as these ‘devices’ are online, they can communicate. With each other, with their users, with organizations and other related parties. That is the Internet of Things!

How exactly does it work?

The Internet of Things comprises of ‘devices’ such as factory machines, vehicles, sensors and payment terminals. All these ‘devices’ are equipped with intelligence so that they can connect to the internet. They can send and receive data over the Internet, usually in response to predefined event rules. The data is collected, aggregated, analyzed and used to diagnose problems and improve services.

Which sectors are using it?

Every sector has applications related to the Internet of Things. This includes the following sectors: industry, transport & mobility, healthcare, smart city, smart agriculture and smart building. Thingsdata has implemented innovative projects in all these sectors, both nationally and internationally. The Internet of Things has a major influence in every sector, whereby manual processes can be automated.

Internet of Things examples?

Practical examples of Internet of Things customers of Thingsdata: unlocking valuable data from ‘zero on the meter’ homes, collecting measurement data from the inverters that are linked to solar systems, smart savings on heating costs through the use of temperature sensors, ‘connected’ fleet management solutions throughout Europe and to achieve continuity of internet access for parking & payment terminals.

Want to realize your IoT project together?

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